Tucker's Geocaching Stuff

To save any of these files to your computer right click the link and choose 'Save Target As...'

Mini-cache Documents
Print and trim down to size.

  • This is a smaller version of the Cache Info Page that everyone has in their logbook baggies: Word - PDF

  • An even smaller version: Word - PDF

  • Here is a template to make a mini-logbook: Word - PDF

  • An even smaller logbook template: Word - PDF

Travel Bug Documents
  • The Travel Bug Passport: PDF
    Print and fold in half twice. Put it a baggie along with your Travel Bug.

  • Mini Travel Bug Note: Word
    There are six notes on the page. Print and cut them out. I laminate one and attach it to the 'bug! Courtesy of Waypoint15

Geocaching Presentation
  • Here's a ready-made geocaching presentation: Flash
    Use this handy file as a tool to help inform land managers, park rangers, your family, etc. about geocaching.
    Courtesy of Jeff Lewis and Bud Clews

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